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To My Future Readers

I cannot begin to tell you how happy and honored I am to be close to publishing my first novel. As a child, reading offered me an escape from my world along with an invitation to limitless possibilities. Whether it was a hi-tech sci fi novel, a magic filled fantasy, or a young adult romance that made me wonder what my first love would be like (spoiler alert - nothing like the books), I was guaranteed to experience something new.

As I grew up, my taste in books also matured to everything from fantasy and dark erotica to clean romantic comedies. All genres are welcome. A good book is a good book! But the best are the ones so compelling, you stay up all night to finish and then regret it because you're left mourning the end as if losing your own personal friends. High praise to the writers who can make us feel that.

Which brings me to why I wrote My Beautiful Dangerous. After reading multiple romance novels in a row, a fire grew within me (this one not caused by the lead smoke show of a man in the novels). I put my Kindle down and without thinking, opened my laptop and started to type. I had a story I wanted to tell that had always been inside me and it was determined to come out. After a while, the characters started to write themselves and my heroine's emotional journey became my own. I also realized something else along the way... dysfunction makes for excellent stories. So thank you to my parents for setting me up to be an author (just kidding... kind of).

Thank you for taking this storytelling journey long with me. If I can transport you out of your day and into Jasmine and Chase's world for even a short time, I will consider this a success.

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