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Every Sin Comes With a Price



"This book is amazing! I was hooked until the end."
- Jade West, USA Today Bestselling Author

Possible Triggers:
Sibling bullying/humiliation
Mentions of physical and sexual abuse.

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OMG what can I say. It's fabulous. I couldn't put this book down. I read it in two days. The characters seem so real and every woman wants to have a man like Chase! From the very beginning you are drawn in from the dynamics of the two sisters. The story line flows so flawlessly, it's like you are there watching it happen. I didn't want the book to end it was so good.

-Amazon Reviewer

I loved this book! The story line is excellent and engaging, with romance, sex and a bit of suspense/unknown that kept me engrossed until the last page. A wonderful story about overcoming family betrayals and broken-ness. The characters 'hooked' me emotionally and left me eager to know more before all was revealed. The author's use of wit/humor left me wanting more as the story unfolded. I hope to see additional books from Laila Amlani very soon!

-Goodreads Reviewer

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High Tech Heat!


Software analyst by day

Author by night


After reaching my fill of logic and data throughout my work life, I desperately needed a creative outlet to express my emotional and whimsical (and possibly a little bit crazy) side. And so… an author was born.


I enjoy writing romance novels filled with suspense, heart, wit, spice, and a plot twist or two. My heroines are intelligent, strong, sarcastic, and perhaps a bit quirky. They may start off misguided, but they always mean well. Of course, the men are hot as hell and worthy of a steamy sex scene or two (or three, or four...) to showcase their talents.

As someone who devours all genres of books, I have a soft spot for love and I promise my readers a happily ever after.

What can I say about my real life? I live in the desert where it's almost as hot as the men I like to write about. I love my dogs, movies, watching hockey, and someday, I aspire to kick my Cheetos addiction.

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