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Every Sin Comes With a Price

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"An expertly woven tale of dark romance, tragedy, suspense, and humor."

"This book is amazing! I was hooked until the end." - Jade West, USA Today Bestselling Author


I ran away when I was a kid.
Before my family could break me.
Back when I thought I could still be saved.


Now I lie to everyone about who I am.
I lie to myself about the things I’ve done.
My new identity protects me.
But my secrets demand a lonely life.
No man is worth the risk.

Until Chase Hale…

He makes me forget that I'm unwanted.
He makes me forget what I deserve.
He makes me vulnerable.
He makes me weak.

And that’s what makes him 

But when he starts making me believe I might be worth saving, that could be the most 
Dangerous of all.

Because every sin comes with a price, and when my family comes to collect, there will be nothing in this world left to save me.

Warning - Contains dark themes, adult language and explicit sex. Recommended for 18+.

From the Author - My Beautiful Dangerous is a complete, stand-alone about one woman’s road to redemption and a love to heal even the most broken soul. It includes family and adult themes, spicy romance, humor, plot twists, and a strong and sarcastic female lead.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, a hug in the form of a review is always appreciated.

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